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Dear Editor

This is a letter I sent to Town of South Bruce Peninsula council in regards to the Superior Court decision of this week.The majority of people I have spoken to within our Town are in favour of not appealing this ruling and hope that our Council members do not further protract this decision with more litigation.

Good morning

I would just like to voice my opinion on the Superior Courts decision this week ruling in favour of the Saugeen First Nation.

After years of litigation and lost appeals regarding the return of the property in question to the Band, I feel that the Town of South Bruce Peninsula should forego any further appeals and accept the multiple decisions by the Courts ruling in favour of Saugeen First Nation. No more tax dollars of the residents of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula should be spent on legal wrangling over this issue. It is now time to move on and work with our First Nations neighbours on a plan to manage the beach in a constructive manner that will make the best of the new reality. Co-operation, not litigation, should be the way forward.

 I am a long time resident of the Town and property owner as well as Grandfather to five children who are Saugeen Band members, thus I have interests in both sides of this situation we find ourselves in.

 It is time to move on and work together as a community united in the best interests of Sauble Beach.

Thank you.

Les Anderson, Allenford



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