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Waiting your turn to get water from a communal well is a social time. Morning brings a crowd to draw for the day’s needs. Evening brings the flocks and their headsmen. The well provides a space for catching up.

But there is a story in the gospel of John about two people who went to a well at midday intending to be alone ...

carnations leadinOn Saturday, Mar. 25, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the United Way, Safe 'n Sound, Grey Bruce Public Health along with other partners, will be at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market to highlight the continuing drug poisoning crisis in the City of Owen Sound.

The public is invited to take a carnation, walk the block around the 8th and 9th street bridges and then drop the flower into the river, to symbolize the loss of those who have passed ...

periodpovertyAre you having a hard time affording or accessing menstrual products?

You can apply to this Period Product Support Program through the link below ...

florayoung- by Lori-Ann Caswell

My mother’s mother fed and clothed and kept a roof over the heads of her four children, tough to do with a mostly out-of-work husband during the dirty thirties. Food was scarce. She gratefully took the remnants of food left behind by patrons of the Station Hotel, a thank you for cleaning their rooms after a week’s stay.

Once it was a quarter pound of bacon. She rendered off the fat and used it to fry smelts my grandfather caught far out in the sound ...


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