cobblebeachsoapIn their ongoing effort to eliminate plastic waste from hotel accommodations and Clubhouse, Cobble Beach has partnered with The Keep Refillery in Meaford.

Waste is one of the significant contributors to the decreasing health of the planet and studies show that hotel and restaurant waste contributes to almost 30 per cent of total waste generated across Canada.

The lands of Cobble Beach are a symbol to the McLeese family’s appreciation for the area and were ...

landscapefabricIn the experience of a local professional gardener with 24 years experience, landscape fabric only benefits those who sell it.

To quote from Linda Chalker-Scott, Urban Horticulture Extension Specialist and Professor in the Department of Horticulture, Washington State University:

“Geotextiles degrade in the landscape in as little as one year ...

PeopleForEducation logo taglineOntario’s principals say their schools are not sufficiently supported to help students who are continuing to struggle with the after-effects of the pandemic.

They report increased behavioural issues, students having difficulties with self-regulation, and a range of unaddressed mental health challenges ...

IngridRemkins 01 baldeagles leadinIt's not only Members' Night for the Owen Sound Field Naturalists this Thursday, it's also the launch of the fifth edition of the Vascular Plant List Bruce & Grey, 5th Edition, compiled by Tyler Miller.

John Dickson shares the OSFN's monthly Nature Club Newsletter ...


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