museum explore campThe Billy Bishop Museum is excited to announce that we will be hosting our Museum Explorers Kids Camp. This day camp will be running from July 20th-24th for a week full of learning, crafts, and lots of games.

The cost is $120 for the week per child. Drop off will be between 8:30-9:00am, and we ask that...

between our steps 07 10 20 double
Someone says "Thank you," and we reply "You're welcome." An automatic response. Sometimes this means that we are glad that we were able to give what we did. Other times, there is a reluctant tone to ...

masknomask- by Melanie Knapp

If people don't have a mask on:
1. maybe they forgot
2. maybe they don't understand this guideline due to different thinking skills...

celebratingacentury- Hub staff

The Community Waterfront Heritage Centre (CWHC) decided last year to help Owen Sound celebrate the 100th anniversary of our incorporation as a City in 1920.

It is a great story, and who better to tell it than Richard Thomas, teller of local tales? He was commissioned to make story panels for the Centre's feature exhibit for 2020 – Celebrating a Century.




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