GreySaubleCA logoThe Grey Sauble Conservation Authority voard of directors acclaimed the 2023 chair and vice chair positions at their recent annual general meeting.

Georgian Bluffs Mayor Sue Carlton returns to the Board as Chair, and Owen Sound Deputy Mayor Scott Greig steps into the Vice slot ...

CathyHird 21Dec22

Exodus. As a noun, it means departure, mass departure, emptying a place. But it also refers to a particular story of escape from slavery, the story of Moses leading the Hebrew people out of Egypt to the promised land.

The story of how Moses got to be the leader is interesting of in and of itself. The events that led Pharaoh to release them – a series of plagues that troubled the land – is also worth telling. But it is the journey from the Red Sea onward ...

YCAC HarmonyCentre 02Mar23 TashaSchmidt leadinYoung people with plans brightened the inaugural Youth Climate Action Conference at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound Thursday.

Close to 50 students from six local schools took in presentations before breaking into ...

taxformHarrison Park Seniors Centre began holding their annual Free Income Tax Clinics again starting March 1.

Low income earners, seniors and students are welcome to drop off their information at the centre Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

A volunteer will complete the tax return and contact the individual when the return is completed for pick up ...


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