640px Mtl dec6 plaqueBy Jon Farmer
Thirty-one years ago, on December 6th 1989 14 women were killed at l’ecole polytechnique in Montreal. They were employees and students of the school and they were murdered because they were women. In the days after the shooting, communities across Canada came together to hold vigils in memory of the women killed and to stand in solidarity against the hatred and violence that ended their lives. One year later in 1990, our communities stood together in solidarity and remembrance again and in 1991 the government of Canada officially established December 6th as the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women.

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Most mornings these days, I lament that it is pitch black when I get up. Late afternoon, I regret needing to turn on the lights while making supper. But not Sunday night. On a zoom webinar facing the water, I saw the first white edge of ...

father son- by Joachim Ostertag

I have worked with children and adults, girls, boys, women and men for over 40 years. Together with my partner I raised four children: two daughters and two sons. My work with boys and men, and involvement in the Violence Against Women sector, continuously sparked my ...

Stoney Orchard ParkTo the Ecole Saint Dominique-Savio ‘Club de l’environment’ students, parent volunteers and staff:

At the meeting of the Owen Sound City Council this past Monday evening Nov 30th 2020 I found a booklet at my seat entitled “A Message to Owen Sound City Council from Local Students”. It was prepared for the ...

gingerbreadpaisleysignThese are Gingerbread Days in Paisley.

Paisley Blues Festival is holding a fun, free, holiday contest, with the winner receiving an 11pc Paderno Cookware Set and large Hardwood Cutting Board.

How to enter:
1. Find one of 20 Gingerbread Giants around Paisley ...


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