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Council ChambersCovid-19 has been a struggle for business and charities over the last few months. Between the closures and restrictions on reopening, and the reduced spending and giving, everyone is challenged.

For myself on the business side, two out of three of my commercial tenants are still closed under “Phase 2” rules. 

beardsforbucksDear Editor

Let me introduce myself, I have been a licensed hairstylist for 11 years, mobile and home based business owner for 6 years and have won multiple awards for grooming and participation (whiskerina, over and under 12" level entry) in Ontario's largest beard and moustache competition held by The Yeard Project.

beard shaveDear Editor,

I am writing this letter while still feeling the sting of the slap in the face from our local politicians regarding the Beards for Bucks Fundraiser.

Although a wonderful fundraising idea for a great cause this...

Stoney Orchard ParkDear Owen Sound council,

In the past month, I have walked the trails of Stoney Orchard Park four times, socially distancing with a few friends. We have all been astounded by this beautiful park with mature...




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