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ruffTo Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Alex Ruff

Dear Sir,

We have met once at the Bayshore earlier this year before the virus, when I bitterly complained to you about not being able to buy MADE IN CANADA products. You listened to my rant with interest and an apparently open mind. While this is still very important to me and Canadian businesses, I am writing to you about a more urgent problem/disaster that has surfaced. . .

facemaskDear Editor,

The path to a prosperous and inclusive post COVID-19 world will not be found or navigated without the full engagement of the Labour Movement and Organized Labour. This means full engagement with...

WelcomingCommunitiesBoardPathwaysProjectStaffDays after Welcoming Communities Board member and Grey County employee Waleed Aslam posted with joy his appointment by the City of Owen Sound to the Downtown Improvement Area board, his Facebook page erupted with disturbing, and obviously well coordinated attacks on him and on new business owners in Owen Sound. Negative and hateful comments attacking . . .

DIAsign2To the Board of the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area (OSDIA), members of the OSDIA, and patrons of downtown Owen Sound businesses,

After the recent announcement from the OSDIA of the appointment of Waleed Aslam Shaikh as a director. . .




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