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deer2While I was walking through Stoney Orchard Park I came upon 2 deer. The picture of a deer was taken in April 2020 just after I saw the other 2 deer. It was in the field directly opposite the proposed sale of city parkland to Barry’s Construction.

Following is a couple of paragraphs from an article written in the...

parklandsale2TO: Owen Sound Mayor, Deputy Mayor, City Councillors, and City Manager

RE: Potential sale of part of Stoney Orchard Park

Parks are the lifeblood of any city — places where. . .

- by Rob Rolfe

wallinparksmallThis letter has my complete support.I live just below (west) of the park , and I know of no other semi-wild parkland in this part of the city. The open land along the east shore is virtually all private property, waiting to be developed.

This developer has, apparently, been buying up available vacant land. . .

badapplesI am a street nurse.  My first day on the job, I got called by a community member to the corner near where I work. A homeless Black woman had been sitting in a bus shelter, minding her business. She was approached by police, she was not aggressive; they escalated the situation and ended up pushing her so hard she smashed her head on the glass of the bus shelter and was bleeding profusely from her skull. She then proceeded to have a seizure on the sidewalk.

During her seizure, the police officers involved cuffed her. . .




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