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emptystorefrontDear Editor:

Glad to hear that at least we taxpayers aren't paying for empty storefronts anymore.

But imposing a cost, as St. Catharines has done, would be strategic and appropriate. These empty stores are not only hugely undesirable in the public space that is Main Street, but are a fire and security liability to their neighbours and a financial burden on the City and on police, as the article notes ...

saubledunesrolfeDear Mayor Michi and Members of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Council:

I am a shared owner of two properties on the Sauble River. I have been fortunate to be a member of a family that has spent time at Sauble Beach for about ninety years.

I am writing to Council to strongly urge the Town of South Bruce Peninsula to do the right thing, and NOT appeal this court decision.

dunesDear Editor

This is a letter I sent to Town of South Bruce Peninsula council in regards to the Superior Court decision of this week.The majority of people I have spoken to within our Town are in favour of not appealing this ruling and hope that our Council members do not further protract this decision ...

queensfuneralDear Editor

A couple of weeks ago I heard that the eight pallbearers of the coffin of QEII have been awarded the “Royal Victorian Medal for service during the funeral”. I honestly think the people of England need to grasp hold of their perspective when it comes to awards.

There are millions of displaced people on this planet in 2023 that need the help of ....

ridinglawnmowerDear Minister Guilbeault:

Re: Ban all gasoline lawn mowers

I was shocked and truly dismayed this week to see an outdoor display of at least fifty gasoline sit-on lawn mowers for sale at my local ...


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