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sleepingbagOwen Sound Council is choosing to do nothing for the homeless people in the City.

I, and others from the Bruce Grey NDP, attended the September 26 meeting of Council to inject a sense of immediacy into Council debates. We were told the City was doing something by building affordable housing units, as if that is a solution for people living on the streets.

It is not.

whereyouwantSoon after the bruhaha regarding the residency status of a candidate for Georgian Bluffs came to light I began to be asked about where I lived. An easy question: yes indeed I reside in the city. This spurred me to investigate the residency of my fellow candidates, and those I would vote for. I was disappointed.

Sadly it seems there is one candidate who does not live in Owen Sound proper ...

pewOwen Sound is not alone regarding the housing crisis in Ontario. One aspect that never seems to be considered is the role ‘Places of Worship’ play in this.

All religious institutions in the province enjoy a tax free exemption at all levels of government and have done so for over a century. What ever happened to ...

GreyHighlandsMunicipalLeague logoThe Grey Highlands Municipal League reports on voter turnout so far with six days remaining until election day next Monday ...


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